Objectives of the Khusro Foundation


To ideate, generate and disseminate correct information regarding Islam, counter motivated and ill-informed perceptions.


To generate quality literature in Urdu, Hindi and other languages to motivate, integrate and unite people of India.


To promote communal harmony, tolerance and understanding among people subscribing to diverse faith systems, religious practices, ethnic identity, cultural background, etc. Promote a culture of pluralism where diversity is respected and not resented.


To create a nationwide awareness for the dire need of AMITY AND NATIONAL SOLIDARITY.


Spread the message of unity and communal harmony by using the various Mass Media Platforms.


To propagate the values of human empathy, rule of law, unity and co-existence amongst cross sections of society throughout the country.


Focus on the youth to prevent them from being used by extremist or violent groups. Promote self-esteem, and positivity and self confidence in them and inculcate a deep sense of national pride.